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Presented here are local fishing tackle shops, bait shops and marinas handpicked by Skiff Life for providing the best quality, price and service in a local area.

Your local bait shop, tackle shop or marina is one of the most important small businesses in your community for many reasons. First, every dollar spent by a person in a bait shop stays within that community. Secondly, these local tackle shops employ friends and family in their community. And finally these stores support other local business by offering fishing & boating related products, made locally, available in their store. These shops truly are at the grass roots level of providing a backbone for a coastal community in so many ways.

Anglers are a unique group of people given our shared passion for being on the water. Local bait shops provide a single point of contact where fishermen (and women) can come to learn about fishing & boating locally. You won’t find a more knowledgeable group of people about the local waters than the employees at your local bait shop. In many cases, these tackle shops have been open for decades, spanning multiple generation of family running the store. Online retail stores cannot even begin to compete with that level of local fishing knowledge.

Whether you get local fishing knowledge on your own or by getting advice from your local bait shop, having that knowledge is the key catching fish. The benefit of a local tackle shop is that they know what type of bait, lures and rigging works best for their area. Online retailers focus on “catching” fishermen, your local shop is focused on selling you fishing lures or bait that actually works. Why? Simple, they know you’ll come back for more if the advice works. The relationship between an angler and tackle shop spans many years developing a level of trust that is wonderful to see. Check out the love anglers show their tackle shops on our weekly social media posts where we highlight a local area and bait shop. Visit us here: to see the latest posts.

Bottom line, not only is you local shop convenient when you need a fishing item fast (which is usually the case) but also truly supports your local community. It's why we always say: Fish Local? Shop Local!

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