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"F*ck 'Em Up" $5 Shirts

"F*ck 'Em Up" $5 Shirts

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Our best quality fishing shirts but with a factory defect in the design (faded, ghosting, missing print, blemish etc.).  Designs will vary or may be missing completely. Sizes are the same.  Shirts may be Polyester or Cotton. Excellent shirts to absolutely throw every bit of fish blood, guts, crab smeg or other dirty, dirty.  All UV Protected +50 UPF/SPF fishing shirts we sell at full retail prices of up to $30 or more a shirt.  WHILE SIZES AND SUPPLIES LAST.  First Come, First Serve. **THERE SHOULD BE NO EXPECTATION OF DESIGN or PRINT**  The shirt material and craftsmanship is just fine, however.

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