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Spotted Sea Trout Fishing Hoodie optional Flag Sleeve

Spotted Sea Trout Fishing Hoodie optional Flag Sleeve

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  • Thomas Krause Spotted Sea Trout design offered exclusively by Skiff Life for anglers that know the struggle!
  • Lightweight UPF/SPF +50 Solar Protection, Moisture Wicking Hoodie Shirt
  • Dye Sublimated, shirt NEVER fades!

Keeps you cool for those hot days on the water and warm in winter with Moisture Wicking Technology to keep you dry!

Our lightweight Super Moisture Wicking performance fishing shirt comes in non-fade colors dry fit fabric. Custom Redfish Logo design is dye-sublimated so it won't fade. Our fishing shirt offers superior UPF +50 sun protection. PURE-tech moisture wicking technology fabric.

You need to choose the best colors for Fishing Shirts for Men if you actually want to catch Spotted Sea Trout with the right camouflage to trick the fish. Keep in mind fish see you and your silhouette. So you need to blend in. And the best way to do that is to match the color of your shirt with the environment around you. Here are some tips and tricks to wear the right colors for the right environments: If fishing near creeks and streams, wear colors like our seagrass. If fishing in open waters, wear white, sky blue/gray or other light tones If fishing in saltwater, go with sky blue and/or white unless it’s inshore, then the seagrass or gray will work best. Our Fishing Shirts for Men come with the right blend of materials and provide UVF/SPF +50 Protection. This shirt features dry-fit properties, quickly absorbing your sweat which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Our men's spf sun long sleeve shirts are made with UPF 50+ fabrication, provide excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, and the soft, breathable material feels amazing next to your skin while staying light and cool to the touch, great for a day of water sports, fishing, hiking, golf, traveling, running, workout.

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